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caterbear creature design
female head study after paul kwon’s kushana concept

art dump 2

art dump

Hello long weekend

Currently in the process of learning new things, updating  my very outdated portfolio learning a lot!

character done in kurt papstein’s character pipeline  for games at phoenix atelier :)

Update on my Comicon Entry, everything still first pass and really need to replace that sculpted hair! 

Finally found time to work on my Comicon Challenge, Zeno from Hunter X Hunter

ChronoBlade New Character Preview - Lucas Rhie   

Got a chance to work on the armor sets and swords you see here on the video :)

Marmoset 2 study :) old realtime game model, cghub image here
Orc Study
Threw my Selendis Fan art into Marmoset 2.0, ohhhh
"The only cure for Zerg Infestation is purification by fire"
Selendis Fan Art
Made these turkey hats :) Happy thanksgiving!

Style Studies that will probably never see the light of day again, just here in my HD occupying disk space,

Jumping into that Keyshot Bandwagon :) Off to retopo and make real-time model